Quarterly Report q2 2011

Dear Pat,

We know you have been awfully busy with the first 100 days of government, and all that, and we are releasing this on day 93 of the 100.

We are sure your civil servants have snowed you under with reams and reams of elegiac and unctuous paperwork explaining why they can do nothing and why they will do nothing for their country. They are past masters at producing sumptuous can’t do and won’t do memos. You must be awfully tired by now having to read yourself into all of them. We’d be delighted to help you understand the landscape in Ireland from an independent point of view and from the voice of the consumer. Consumers after all are those that consume telecommunications services and are a voice that has consistently been ignored.

So all we want to do Pat is ask you to click HERE and press the PLAY button.  It will take 10 seconds.

And after you press the play button we would then like you to read our brand New Format and Very Very Much Improved Quarterly Report here which will take about another 3 minutes.

Wishing you the very best for the next 7 days and thereafter in the implementation phase of the NewEra project.

Kind Regards

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