About Us


IrelandOffline is a voluntary lobby group campaigning for broadband internet access services in Ireland.

Mission Statement

Recognising the economic and social need for universal access to broadband services in Ireland, IrelandOffline shall hold as its primary objective to lobby industry and government agencies to ensure affordable, high quality broadband services for everyone in Ireland.

With these objectives in mind IrelandOffline will:

    • Lobby Government and Government Agencies to ensure that policy is in line with best EU and OECD practices
    • Seek to eliminate misleading advertising of internet access products and services
    • Promote neutral and open access to infrastructure
    • Continue to lobby for more active regulation that protects consumers and encourages an open market
    • be a source of accurate and impartial information on relevant technologies


      IrelandOffline was formed in response to the termination, by the ISP now known as BT Ireland, of an unlimited dialup product. The product “Surf no limits” was the only flat-rate internet access at the time, and it’s termination was too drastic a milestone in Ireland’s internet access progress, for many to ignore. IrelandOffline was formed to address the worsening trends, by campaigning industry, and government alike, for better internet access services (at a time when broadband was beginning to become mainstream in most developed countries).