What are the Mongolians Doing Right?

What are the Mongolians Doing Right?

Today IrelandOffline are calling on Minister Eamon Ryan to deliver concrete actions to get Irish Internet Speed and Quality up to that of Mongolia.

Commenting on the results of this global survey Eamonn Wallace Chairman of IrelandOffline said: “He cannot do this from the RTÉ studios. We want him back working at his desk and dealing effectively with this Mongolian problem. First Soweto outpaced Dublin and now Mongolia has overtaken Ireland. Urgent action is required of you Minister. ”

Test Metric company Ookla released their six monthly speedtest.net results. Ookla have carried out no less than 1.5 BILLION INDIVIDUAL broadband speed tests globally. Of the 1.5bn 800,000 were carried out from Ireland. These tests are conducted by the end user from their own computer or smartphone. They give a very accurate and wide ranging snapshot of real broadband delivery conditions to real people in Ireland.

Wallace continued: “Importantly these results INCLUDE recent market developments.The speeds shown are ONLY those collated from tests conducted between April and May 2010. They account for 233,000 IPs of the 800,000 Irish IP addresses tested by Irish Internet users over the years. Therefore these results include widely trumpeted ‘upgrades’ such as eircoms relaunch of 8mbit ADSL (a standard dating from 2001) as “next generation”.

The results additionally include the UPC package upgrades between January and March 2010 which brought their basic package to 5mbits nominal. They also include some developments on 3g mobile networks over the past month. Almost 10,000 tests are carried out every day from Ireland alone.

After all those ‘upgrades’ are fully taken into account Ireland has nevertheless fallen behind Latvia, Lithuania, Romania ,Bulgaria, Moldova, Greece …..and Mongolia in these rankings. In fact Mongolia TROUNCED us.”

Download Speeds: Mongolia 38th Ireland 41st
Upload Speeds: Mongolia 16th Ireland 63rd

The average Irish download speed is 6mbits. Most EU countries are averaging well over 10mbits nowadays with the EU27 average download speed at 10mbits. Ireland only manages 60% of this EU average download speed performance. In the EU27 only Spain Italy Malta and Cyprus now lag Ireland for download speeds.(1)

The Upload Speed figure is even worse. We do not manage 60% of the EU average there. In fact we only manage 40% of the EU average (1mbit upload vs 2.5mbits EU wide) and within the EU27 only Greece, Spain, Italy, UK and Cyprus performed worse than we did.(2)

In the QUALITY stakes we are critically lagging in 65th place. Only 7 countries in the global rankings scored lower than Ireland, they include Egypt, Kenya, Iran and Lebanon.(3)

Countries with better QUALITY broadband than Ireland include EVERY OTHER EU MEMBER and a few interesting surprises like Serbia, Albania and Moldova (the 3 poorest countries in Europe). Quality is a measure of smooth and consistent transmission of individual pieces of data such as gaming packets and voice over ip packets. A good quality score means one can hear the person one Skypeing with no delays or dropouts for example.

Importantly the quality index is on a continual and worrisome downward trajectory across the test period that ended on the 25th of May 2010. The nearest EU country to us,Greece in 63rd place just above us, is meanwhile improving its performance as too is Uruguay just below us, the only second world country to score lower than Ireland. (3)(4)

Notes and References.

Download Index.Ireland 43d

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Upload Index. Ireland 61st

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Ennis , the Information age town, is the slowest.

Quality Index.Ireland 65th

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Soweto ahead of Dublin in International Survey

International Broadband Quality Survey blasts Dublin

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4 Responses

  1. Jonathan says:

    I don’t suppose there’s any point in pointing out to you that a TOTAL of 28000 Mongolians did the test – out of 2.8M residents, meaning the number of internet users in Mongolia is way less than 1%. This renders Mongolia’s download speed performance meaningless.

  2. Tommy M says:

    It renders it more relevant surely. It is obvious that Mongolian internet is of more uniformly high quality than Irish Internet.

  3. Graham says:

    Actually the % of Mongolians that are internet users is 11%(cia worldfactbook), but the point still stands. What we’re saying is that the tiny number of people in the country with internet access have slightly higher average speed than Ireland but everyone else has zero Megabits.

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