International Broadband Quality Survey blasts Dublin

International Broadband Quality Survey blasts Dublin.

IrelandOffline today received their copy of the “Oxford University Said Business School Global Broadband Quality Study” which is issued annually.
Commenting on the results of the study Eamonn Wallace of IrelandOffline said
“We are not quite sure whether this is Salvador in Brazil or Salvador in El Salvador but this city is now ranked as the 86th City in the world
for the quality of its Broadband Infrastructure and is one place ahead of Dublin in 87th place for the Quality of its Broadband” (1)
Cities ranked ahead of Dublin include Ankara, Ljubljana, Bratislava, Talinn, Budapest, Sofia, Vilnius, Riga, Prague, Athens and many Chinese cities. (2)(3)
Most of these cities are former Soviet states and not noted for their infrastructural achievements. Athens has always been many places below Dublin for
the quality of its telecommunications infrastructure.
Wallace also added:
“The only notable European capital cities that score worse than Dublin are Warsaw and Rome and not by very much may I add.
I also note Soweto in South Africa is currently in 102nd place with a score of 25 and it scores nearer the Dublin score of 28 than Dublin scores against Lisbon with a score of 38.
We recommend that Minister Ryan should visit a Conference in Soweto next year rather than a Conference in Seoul ( score 65 ) as he did last year.
At least his phone might work in Soweto.”
The survey shows Ireland frozen in broadband mediocrity. With the lowest Telecommunications Investment in the developed world (as a % of GDP) we are therefore guaranteed to remain in mediocrity.
The low Broadband Quality outside our major cities is also noteworthy.(3) 60% of our population currently live outside our major cities and while Ireland scores slightly ahead of Ukraine we are behind Greece, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary right now.
Furthermore, most of those countries have large scale fibre installation plans or installation projects in train where we have no concrete plan.
All of these future network plans are glibly entrusted to his “liberalised market” by Minister Ryan and his dysfunctional department.

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  1. frances says:

    my three broad band does not work probably it cuts out in the middle of stuff or freeze of just stop working

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