mobile blackspots in Ireland

Today we are happy to share with you the work of the¬†Department of Rural and Community Development, they’ve allegedly¬† been mapping “mobile blackspots” across the country.

So without further ado or commentary about the quality of the data, here is the data as presented:

1. 2018_06_05 Blackspot FINAL – Cork

2. 2018_06_05 Blackspot FINAL – Donegal

3. 2018_06_05 Blackspot FINAL – Galway

4. 2018_06_05 Blackspot Westmeath

5. 2018_06_20 Blackspot Meath FINAL

6. Dept S Mobile Blackspots Mayo

7. Blackspot_Extent_Point_Locatio28_05_18



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2 Responses

  1. Gerard Lally says:

    Do I really have to install an office suite to read these docx and xlsx files? Ever heard about PDF? The Portable Document Format, intended for documents which are meant to be, well, portable. In other words, accessible to those who do not have and do not want to have proprietary office suites on their computers.

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