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In light of the recent outbreak of the covid-19 (corona virus) some random thoughts on broadband are presented here:

The job you were told couldn’t be done remotely can be done remotely, companies prefer to have “bums on seats” as it makes them look more important or much larger.

Many disabled workers could have been working from home, but corporations and companies just didn’t want them to.

The Internet is now a utility, not a luxury.
Many companies have found out that their bandwidth requirements are simply not enough to meet the requirements of “remote working” and have had to triple or quadruple (and sometimes more) the “data-pipes” that are required to supply all the bandwidth needed by their users.

Also the average normal consumer is now using multiples of their so called (un-)”fair usage” limits (so called unlimited data). In this instance the limited data caps should be waived or reviewed so that people don’t suffer unfairly if they inevitably go over the caps and then suffer from “bill-shock” by receiving massive bills. This is only fair and perhaps the unrealistic and miserly data caps will have to be ended as this current crisis shows that remote working is likely to be the future of work all across the world and this issue of miserable data-caps needs to be addressed urgently.

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  1. Daniel Doran says:

    Awesome. My feelings exactly. Imagine how much companies could save in rent or property costs as well as utilities if they had a large portion of their employees working from home? For way too long working at home has been viewed as “taking the piss”.

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