The mysterious MSE “Liaison Committee”

The mysterious MSE “Liaison Committee”

So we in IrelandOffline have asked some questions about this mysterious Liaison Committee that was first mentioned in the Smyth report and these are the answers we received:

Who is on the Committee?

The Liaison Committee was set up in accordance with the terms of the Concession Agreements to facilitate ongoing communications between the MSE and the Contracting Authority in order to achieve efficient delivery of the services as required under the Concession Agreement. The committee consists of representatives of the Department, a representative of the Local Authorities (Chief Executive) and representatives of the Concessionaire (enet).

Who Chairs the Committee?

The Committee is alternatively chaired by the Contracting Authority’s Representative and enet.

How often does the Committee meet?

The Committee usually meets every quarter.

Where can minutes be accessed of the Committee?

These meetings are between the Contracting Parties of the Concession Agreements and as such fall within the framework of the provisions of the Concession Agreements. The meetings relate to the operation and management of the MANs network and are confidential and commercially sensitive to all parties.

Eamonn Wallace spokesman for IrelandOffline said: “Is this is another example of regulation by anonymous committee with no consultation or interaction with the Irish consumer?

Is this the committee that recommended that there was no need for a re-tender for the MANs contract?

Will this be the shape of the de-facto regulatory authority for Fibre roll-out across the country and will this committee decide “all the things” for the NBP? Will something similar to Comreg’s pricing structures be applied?

Secrecy of this nature just leads to questions, questions and more questions….”

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