The National Broadband Plan (again)

The National Broadband Plan (again)


Our thoughts on the plan in one simple meme…

What’s going on…

Why have all the major infrastructure providers walked away?

Why has the plan become so convoluted that now no infrastructure provider wants to implement it?

Why the secrecy?

Billions in subsidies

On top of that there will be “a couple of billion in subsidies” from the Irish government and perhaps from the European Commission”(1)

Where would an “investor” get an idea like that if not from government appointed consultants. Nothing has been built in over a year since the joint venture was announced, absolutely nothing to prove their credentials(2).

The solution

Remove the usual consultants that have advised and created this debacle and let’s move directly to the elusive “Plan B” and learn from our mistakes and then redesign the whole sordid mess and finally just do it right.

A plan of this importance and magnitude needs the support of majority of the people (which it has but not at any cost), rather like when the vast majority of the country was behind and supported the Rural Electrification Scheme, this NBP needs to be explained and to give hope to the country.

The Dept. needs to stop hiding behind the “it’s commercial” so we cannot tell you anything about the plan excuse and sending out reams of redacted pages in response to FOI requests.


It’s our money and our country we demand to know what’s happening. Is it really going to cost the taxpayer “a couple of billion” like David McCourt says it will?



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