Comreg the toothless poodle regulator (part #532)

Comreg the toothless poodle regulator (part #532)

We here at IrelandOffline towers have read with dismay the recent reports from various telecommunications companies, if these reports are shown to be correct it portrays our glorious regulator as being asleep for the last few years. This is an utter disgrace and our regulator should be abolished and a regulator that is fit for purpose instated.
We warned of this many years ago and lo and behold asleep they went and here we return to a theme from earlier this century which was first mooted in the early noughties : The telcomms poodle

“Styles” Report – eir
This “internal” report from eir, in our opinion outlines a number of very serious issues:
Regulation : Regulator totally uninterested in actually regulating (see headline)
Data: The quality of data emanating from eir is woeful, these include all sorts of data like addresses and line and cabinet information, the basic rules of normalisation are not followed.
Special pricing and access for eir retail, eir seems to be saying they give preference and information to their own linesmen above other providers, while this may have been natural behaviour in the past it is no longer acceptable.

Towerhouse document – operators

This document outlines a dispute with eircom Limited (eircom) over the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for repair on Current Generation Access (CGA) services. The CGA services include WLR, LLU and bitstream access. It outlines what seems like fairly dismal repair times that eircom provide to operators.

The document is indicative of our observation that Comreg have been twiddling their thumbs for the last 5 years and doing absolutely nothing except perhaps micro-managing irrelevancies.

eir must be broken up into two distinct divisions, wholesale and retail, how this is done could be interesting, we in Ireland could adopt, at a minimum, the BT model (functional separation) or go even further and totally split up the company, the preferable solution, to our mind, would be complete separation of the two distinct arms of eir. If our regulator was even sentient it could do like most other European countries and actually make a decision.

Useless, useless regulator and unfit for purpose, the only solution is to abolish Comreg and start again as this regulatory template is worthless and a total failure.

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