Refunds due!

Well done Comreg! Finally a decision that is consumer focused. Now apply the same logic to all the other telcos!

This decision this means that eircom can no longer charge penalties when changing providers and many consumers are due a refund
if charges have been applied to your account on these grounds.

From the decision:

“Eircom will immediately remove from its terms and conditions
any provisions allowing charges, claims or penalties to be applied in lieu of notice.”

“This means that Eircom customers outside of their minimum contractual term may change service provider by agreement with a new provider without any penalty being applied by Eircom if they do not wish to inform Eircom of this decision”

“Consumers who have complained to either ComReg or Eircom about the charges from 11 March 2011 onwards will be refunded the full amounts of the termination charges and the disaggregated bundle charges. These amounts will be refunded automatically by Eircom and there is no need for further action by consumers in this category”

So get on the phone now if you’ve been affected and get your refund!

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