National Broadband Plan Map

National Broadband Plan Map

IrelandOffline welcome to recent announcement of a National Broadband Plan(1) as finally the futility of prior attempts at a “national plan” have been shown to be abject failures.

We would like to take this opportunity to announce our presentation of a map that outlines which villages/areas that are to be included, as outlined in departmental documents.

The map will allow the user to quickly identify areas that are to be included using a simple map type display. The user can map NBP villages by constituency and some other metrics which also allows the user to identify areas that are overlapping with other announced plans. We believe this simple display will allow users and interested third parties to quickly identify the extent of the NBP plan. It should also allows users to start planning what facilities may be needed in the announced areas.

We will be improving the map based on user feedback over the next few weeks.

At this point we would also thank all the volunteers who have participated so far in the mapping process and the display, their feedback and voluntary efforts have been invaluable.


If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact us.




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