The importance of broadband

It is now been clearly demonstrated how important the subject of broadband is to Irish people, be it only curiosity or genuine broadband seekers,  over the last two days over 2000 people have visited our website, this is an enormous number of people for a website that is dedicated to just one topic and that topic is broadband.

It is eminently clear that this is a topic of huge importance for the future of Ireland and it demonstrates how important it is that we must get the National Broadband plan right, Ireland is waiting for it, from people who currently cannot get broadband to those who can only get 3Mb/s or sometimes less to even those who can only get “upto” 8Mb/s.

Clearly as demonstrated by the abject failure of the NBS mobile technology cannot meet our current and future requirements and we address this particular  issue in another blog post.

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