IrelandOffline calls for Net Neutrality Guidelines for Irish Internet users

IrelandOffline calls for Net Neutrality Guidelines for Irish Internet users

Following the recent agreement between IRMA and Ireland’s largest ISP, eircom, Irish Internet users will no longer have unmonitored Internet access.

  • This proposed regime has many privacy and civil rights issues.
  • When one website is blocked any or all websites can be blocked, even Google could possibly be blocked under this regime.
  • The damage this will this cause to our international reputation is enormous.
  • The financial implications for Irish consumers when the costs of this filtering system are finalised will be large, consumers will have to pay for these additional costs.

IrelandOffline spokesperson, Eamonn Wallace  said “We are calling for a set of guidelines to be introduced similar to those in Norway.Net Neutrality is a very good basis for a charter of rights and responsibilities for Internet users and is extensible in that regard”.

The guidelines are quite simple:

The network neutrality guidelines are based on three principles:

  1. Internet users are entitled to an Internet connection with a predefined capacity and quality.
  2. Internet users are entitled to an Internet connection that enables them to
    – send and receive content of their choice
    – use services and run applications of their choice
    – connect hardware and use software of their choice that do not harm the network.
  3. Internet users are entitled to an Internet connection that is free of discrimination with regard to type of application, service or content or based on sender or receiver address.

“These guidelines were agreed between the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority, various Consumer protection groups and ISPs in Norway.The guidelines seem simple but yet an effective way to allow for protection of Internet users and ISPs. ” explained Wallace.We urge the Minister to use his powers under The Communications Regulation Act 2002 to direct the Regulator to implement similar guidelines here.This is a matter of urgent and grave concern for Ireland.

Net Neutrality does not in any way preclude IRMA from seeking a specific remedy in the Courts or from seeking a ‘takedown’ of copyright material at any time it chooses,in respect of infringing sites and users. Net Neutrality does not interfere with the creation of a transparent ‘fast track’ procedure for stopping infringements, possibly within minutes on a temporary basis, while the alleged infringement is properly and correctly investigated.


The Norwegian Guidelines can be downloaded for the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority website here:  Guidelines

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    I very much appreciate seeing more calls for Net Neutrality. We are currently begining our organisation. Check us out and Join

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