IrelandOffline slams end of uncensored Internet for Irish users

IrelandOffline slams end of uncensored Internet for Irish users

Following the recent agreement between IRMA and Ireland’s largest ISP, eircom, Irish internet users will no longer enjoy uncensored Internet access.

Under the agreement, eircom have agreed that they will not object to any court action IRMA may take, to have eircom block certain websites. The result being that popular  websites will no longer be accessible to the majority of Irish internet users.

IrelandOffline spokesperson, Eamonn Wallace criticised the move calling the agreement as “an end to uncensored internet access in Ireland”, a privilege he says, that most of the developed world continue to enjoy.

Wallace cautioned “while IrelandOffline don’t condone illegal file-sharing, this move is not a proper solution to the problem, and impedes on legal and legitimate internet access in the process”.

IrelandOffline draws comparisons with the recently launched, and highly criticised, National Broadband scheme. “It’s yet another proposed solution that doesn’t work, and only holds back the Irish internet user”, explained Wallace.

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