NBS Scheme

Minister announces midband solution for rural areas

Yesterday Minister Eamonn Ryan formally announced the winners of the National Broadband Scheme. We have termed this solution as Midband as we feel this is a more suitable description.

Interim spokesperson Eamonn Wallace explained:
“We welcome the announcement as imaginative. However we are unhappy with the level of service that will be offered,and do not believe this is a long-term fix.The technology used simply will not support the advertised headline speeds.Simple mathematics will show this”.

“Because of many technical issues this scheme will never be suitable for gaming, VOIP, Skype and other typical broadband uses. Speeds will vary enormously. These headline speeds assume only one user will ever use the sector, the question is what happens when 40 people use it?” explained Wallace.

Wallace went on to say “In fact this scheme is more likely to turn people off the idea of broadband rather than enhance their experience of the internet”

Again we say complacency is not an option. We need real broadband not half measures. IrelandOffline is in the process of publishing a more comprehensive document outlining the technical issues.

We urgently need solutions and to work together to address this crisis.

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