Frustrations in Ireland are building up

Since we started up again a number of frustrated users and corporate customers have contacted us. The level of frustration at the clearly inadequate state of telecommunications in Ireland is palpable and becoming more vocal.

The only people to blame are the Department Of Communications for their utter failure to lay out, in any shape or form, a policy or direction for the country. There’s no point hiding behind Comreg any more, the blame is solely at the door of successive ministers. This is a sad state of affairs for our country.
We are left with the highest line rental and some of the worst services¬† imaginable.¬† Intolerable…

Even though when we decided to wind up we had assumed our “work here was finished”, clearly it was not. Other organizations sprang up during our “vacation”, we’d like to offer any of these groups help and assistance in any shape or form.
Please contact us and see where we can go with this.
Complacency is not an option any more.

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