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IrelandOffline exposes the real figures behind ComReg quarterly report

IrelandOffline exposes the real figures behind ComReg quarterly report Key points: Highest phone line rental in the world (once again omitted from figures in the report) Highest mobile spend in EU Total Internet subscriptions 1.4 million (or, 45% of households), of which nearly 40% are not broadband Having analysed the most recent quarterly report, and consulted with the OECD, IrelandOffline affirm that the suggestion that Ireland have reached the “Top 10” is “wishful thinking”. The only Top 10 we actually feature in is the cost of owning a telephone line, for which the ITU recently reported Ireland as being the most...

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NBS Scheme

Minister announces midband solution for rural areas Yesterday Minister Eamonn Ryan formally announced the winners of the National Broadband Scheme. We have termed this solution as Midband as we feel this is a more suitable description.

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Broadband lobby group, IrelandOffline, reforms

Following intensive internal discussion, a number of former members of the broadband lobby group, IrelandOffline, have opted to reform. Interim spokesperson Eamonn Wallace explained that the group were bewildered at recent National Broadband Scheme developments, including the recent news of the national contract being awarded to a 3G mobile company with a history of poor technology and customer service. Wallace cited the lack of meaningful development in broadband availability since IrelandOffline disbanded last year. Furthermore we believe there is a looming crisis in the provision of broadband in this country and we also aim to address this issue, complacency is...

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